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Lane Hickenbottom has been a professional photographer for all his adult life. Read more about his inspirations and what makes him “click”.

From the blog:

Winter wedding in downtown Omaha

Greta and Elizabeth had a super small wedding but their love for each other was huge! After a nice service at St Martin of Tours Episcopal Church we braved the cold in the festive holiday light-light Gene Leahy Mall before a small reception at Upstream Brewery... read more

Milky Way Wedding

I was getting towards the end of my coverage for Jax and Richard’s wedding in Albion, Nebraska when I realized how many more stars were apparent than there are in the typical Omaha night sky. I took a quick photo of the sky to show Jax and she was all about... read more

Castle Unicorn Wedding

I just love the grounds at Castle Unicorn in Pacific Junction, Iowa. Bam and Brandie got married there and I could have taken them around all evening! read more

Lindsay, Nebraska Wedding

I don’t shoot a whole lot of weddings up in Lindsay but this one was well-worth the trip! I love this passionate moment between La Nae and Mike in the soft window light. read more

Fun wedding day photo idea: go down memory lane.

Mark and Leslie decided they wanted to get some pictures from their first date spots including the roof of Mark’s former Old Market, Omaha apartment and also a stop for ice cream at Ted & Wally’s.  Don’t let that ice cream drip on your... read more

The view from Heartland Of America Park

I love how this shot of Alex and Brittany turned out during our mid-wedding day stop at Heartland Of America Park on ConAgra’s campus. This was a fabulous wedding. I don’t think there was a dry eye during the toasts…so much love in the room. read more

Are you kidding me? Solar Eclipse FTW!

I’ve only had the opportunity to shoot two partial solar eclipses that have occurred around sunset. This time around I was fortunate to have an engagement session at the same time! You guys know I’m a total sky nut so this is right in my wheel house! I met... read more

Engaged: Gwyneth and Ryan

I’m always honored when a fellow photographer chooses me to capture their wedding–even more so when it’s a fellow photojournalist. I may not pick up a press pass very often anymore, but I’ll always feel a special place in the fraternity of... read more

Starry skies over Callaway

Went on a nice trip with some of my favorite photography buddies to Callaway, Nebraska where many a beer were drank while tubing down the twisty, winding, scenic South Loop River.  One night we grabbed out head lamps and tripods and spent some time making images of... read more