These are a few of my favorite things:


It the single thing that drives almost everything I do. My family is my greatest treasure.

Your wedding day is the day your new family gets established. That’s important to me too. Let’s make sure you get good photos of that day!

Having Fun.

If the party bus makes a stop at your family farm for some more photos, there is a chance somebody might need to hold onto my beer.

Just sayin’.

Sky Watching.

Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a threatening thunderstorm¬†or a dark starry night, I draw a lot of my inspiration and spiritual health by looking up above.

The sky junkie in me shows up a lot in my photography.



I love getting out and seeing the world. I especially yearn to find those big, open, quiet places away from it all. I’m happiest when my travels include lots of fresh air.

Fortunately for me, I married my favorite travel companion.



You really should get on my Christmas Card mailing list.



Yeah, that’s me photo-bombing the bride & groom at a wedding I was second shooting for.

credit: Daniel Dunlap Photography

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