I'm a humble Nebraska boy through-and-through. I like hot coffee in the morning, cold beer in the evening, and a productive day in between. I cherish my three boys and cuddling with my wife.

I yearn for wide open, unspoiled spaces where I can watch the sun dip low to the horizon. My heart beats wildly any time I look up on a dark, starry summer night in the country; when the crunch of autumn leaves carpets my trail; when snowflakes the size of fists drift softly from above; and when the fragrant smell of blossoming Nebraska pear trees whisper, "wedding season has begun."

I first dove head-first into photography about 20 years ago and strive to improve every day since. At your wedding I inspire to make three kinds of photos: those that make you laugh as you relive the joy; cry as you reflect on the rush of emotions; and take your breath away as you recall the beauty.


Lane's work has been featured in publications around the world:

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