Train wreck celebrities Jake Olsonized

Among photographer circles, a lot of talk has been made about Jake Olson’s apparent downward spiral.

The summary of it is this: A successful photographer has no humility. Brags about his millions while belittling everybody around him, even going so far as to recommend people who disagree with him to consider suicide. His sexist, homophobic, bullying slurs have gone on for years, but have been ramped up this past week, raising the attention of thousands of people. All the while telling people that he owns them and by treating them harshly, he is lining his own pockets.

I thought it would be fun to take a few other people who take this route–celebrities who create a circus sideshow of their life in order to build fame and fortune–and place them in Jake Olson photos.

None of these photos are mine. They are done purely for parody.

Miley Cyrus Olson
Miley Cyrus Olson

Kanye West Olson Kanye West Olson

Donald Trump Olson Donald Trump Olson

Kim Kardashian Olson Kim Kardashian Olson

Jake Olson Jake Olson


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