BIG canvas sale.

I came home from a nice long weekend on the Niobrara river to find an email from my canvas supplier offering a nice little sale that I’d like to forward to my customers.  Get 20% off any 20×30 or larger canvas.

There are some other limits: I can only get the deal on 3 canvases, so I’m only offering this to the first person who orders up to three canvases or to three people who each order one canvas.  Also, I need your order by Thursday.

If you’d like to take advantage of the sale, contact me by Thursday at noon and I’ll help you through the checkout process (because of the 3-canvas limit, I won’t be changing my online cart…so contact me!)

Here’s an image from my trip this weekend spent with extraordinary photographers Matt Miller, Travis Heying and Ryan Soderlin.  (Maybe the link to Ryan’s website will shame him to update it sometime in the next couple years.)  I’m hoping to blog more images, but in case I don’t, check out Travis’ awesome blog update:

Niobrara River at dusk from our campsite.
Niobrara River at dusk from our campsite.

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