Doesn’t Sarah, my wife, look absolutely beautiful at 8-months pregnant?


Clearly there are going to be some changes going on in my home life.  Our two-year-old son Owen has no clue what his life has in store!  Truth be told, his mommy and daddy probably don’t either!

My business has seen some massive changes too in not only the past year–which saw a move from Grand Island to Omaha–but in the past weeks.

Lane Weddings has always been a premium product line of Lane Photographics.  Recent energy has been channelled towards building another product line of Lane Photographics, one focusing on young families, their children and babies.

New look: One of the first things you’ve probably noticed if you follow my blog is the new logo.  They’re both new versions of Lane Weddings and Lane Photographics.  The new look, clean and elegant, hopefully reflects the top-shelf product Lane Photographics attempts to create.

New digs: This past month had me busy moving to a brand spanking new studio.  I’ll share part of the pace with a few other photographers.  While the dust isn’t yet settled, and not all the fresh paint is dried, we are really looking forward to sharing this awesome new space with our clients.  Check us out at My Studio, 11138 Q St. in southwest Omaha.  You can see the “before” photos at Updated photos sure to come!

New faces: One of the people occupying an office seat in the new studio is Sarah (see above).  In addition, I am truly blessed to have brought aboard Teresa Prince, who will be the principal photographer and managing the family and baby portrait line.  Teresa is an incredible talent who comes to Lane Photographics from the world of newspaper photography.  She was recently named the College Photographer of the Year by the Nebraska News Photographers Association.  Stay tuned for a better introduction in a future blog post.

New website: Still under construction, but check out our new Portrait Website.

New phone number: 402-677-3096 now local to Omaha callers!

New promotion: Just for the folks who are still reading! For the remainder of June, we will be waiving the $100 session fee for our child or baby portrait sessions.  For more information on our pricing, check out

To all my current wedding clients: Thank you for your patience this past month.  Orders are getting processed a little slower than normal, but with the same utmost care that you should expect from a premium photography company. Thank you for being by our side during these changes! We’re almost all caught up!

Thanks for reading!


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