Everybody in the whole cell block….

…was dancin’ to the jailhouse rock!

Here’s a quick shot of Courthouse and Jail Rocks in Western Nebraska.  I was reminded today by an old friend that I don’t have many scenic photos on my blog these days (or at least scenic photos that don’t include a couple getting married).  I suppose I don’t shoot nearly as much as I used to of this type of thing.

Courthouse and Jail Rocks

I came to be in this area while road tripping back from my trip to Wyoming.  Whenever possible, I love taking side roads and getting off the beaten path.  It’s especially neat out in Western Nebraska, where things haven’t changed a whole lot since pioneers used these landmarks during their journeys west along the Oregon and Mormon trails nearly 200 years ago.  It’s kind of magical being the only person around for miles on end, walking on natural prairie grass under a big blue sky in a scene that looks similar to how it’s looked for nearly an eternity.

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