Friday, August 1, 2008

I’m a little behind on my blogging. A week spent moving to Omaha followed by a week spent in Oregon will do that to a person.

When I get back to Nebraska I plan to share some photos of Jenny and James’ Grand Island wedding. Then I have to post some shots from Kristin and Andrew’s wedding in West Point.

Right now I’m sitting in my hotel room which overlooks a harbor in Astoria, Oregon. I don’t have have my past wedding photos with me or I’d post them now. Tonight I’m shooting Tony and Deb’s wedding in Seaside, Oregon. I can’t wait! We are hoping to dodge the rain clouds. While the forecast shows tripple digits in store for Omaha, we are chillin’ in the 60s. Nice!

I decided I’d share this photo of Owen having his first meal in our new Omaha home. This shot was taken when only the first few items had been taken off the truck. Ah, the joy of moving!

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