It’s that time of year when the air has a nip to it, the leaves have all all but fallen, blowing around in swirling gusts, and farmers across the Heartland reap the rewards of their efforts.

Harvest completely changes the rural landscape of Nebraska.  In a couple weeks time, the visual elevation drops about 8 foot as combines gobble up golden forests, leaving behind only a stubble, exposing the brown earth.

I’ve always loved autumn.  It starts with high school and college football season, pep bands, and comfortable days.  As it continues, the leaves on trees provide a transformation in color that is like a magic mushroom trip in slow-motion.  The scent of wood-burning fireplaces and the crackle of leaves fills the air.  And just as the last copper leaf hits the ground, we put a giant bird in the oven and kick-off a 5-week-long holiday season.

I find it all incredibly comforting.

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