Jen + Dave: If this truck is a rockin’….

How much fun are these photos?  I just love Jen and Dave’s style and apreciation for vintage fashion.  Using the couple’s ’57 International Harvester truck as a prop, we were able to do some fun things that I don’t normally do.  I’m looking forward to their wedding at the Rogers House B&B in Lincoln next month!

I’d love to hear people’s reactions to this first image.  Comments welcome!





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4 thoughts on “Jen + Dave: If this truck is a rockin’….”

  1. I love the quirky oddness and originality of the first shot best but I like all of them. I think the desaturation the third picture works well, but it makes me wonder what if you kept the violent red and muted everything else?

  2. Lane~
    That first one KICK BUTT ! Love them all ! I know Jens mom & she told me to come take a look at these. I am a small photographer in Grand Island. When she told me you did their photos & was doing the wedding…first thing I said was ” you are my hero & someday when I grow up I want to be you.” In all seriousness- you work is amazing & I still want to be like you when I grow up !

  3. I love the first picture – it’s something completely different. They’re all great, but I really love the subtlety, the color and the light of the last photograph too.

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