Jess + Scott: Capitol Offense

Jess and Scott’s wedding at the Nebraska State Capitol capped off a three-week trifecta of friend and family weddings.  With all due respect to the other weddings, this one took the cake for it’s beauty.  I had a heyday with all the play on light and with the architecture within the capitol building.  Scott?  Well he just had a heyday.

I’ve been a friend of Scott’s for quite some time, and had the pleasure of being a staff photographer with him at the Grand Island Independence.  Scott’s support during my last year at the Independent is responsible for getting me and my business to where it is today.  It pleases me immensly to see him spend the rest of his life with somebody as wonderful and beautiful as Jessica.

After the wedding I enjoyed the Embassy Suites reception, where in addition to working a bit, I spent the evening chatting and dancing with some familiar faces from yesteryear (particularly enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening with Gerik and Mike, who you can see below hoisting a jubilant Scott).

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