Jill + Jake

I had a blast photographing Jill and Jake’s wedding the other weekend.  I worked with both of them at the Daily Nebraskan in college, which afforded me the opportunity to see many old college buddies during their wedding.



As I try to do for every wedding, I pulled the two of them aside for my signature 5-minute dusk portrait session.  What made this wedding different was that it resulted in a chain reaction of couples wanting to get in on the action.  Below you can see some of the results.  Too much fun!


These photos were taken outside of 1316 Jones Street in the Old Market of Omaha, where Jill and Jake had their reception.  The ceremony was held at the Durham Museum just a few blocks away.  Gorgeous venues!

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5 thoughts on “Jill + Jake”

  1. Never been to the Durham Museum. What kind of art?

    Lakers shmakers. LeBron makes Kobe look JV. Course, he needs some help to get past Orlando.

  2. William, sure LeBron is a stud. Too bad he’s on summer vacation.

    Mat and Deb, thanks! I just got the logo finished and this was my first public use. Now I have the challenge of starting to incorporate it in all the places I have the old logo!

    Nikki, thanks!

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