Jill + Wade: sunset surprise!

As most of you know, we’ve had our fair share of cloudy, dreary days around here.  Truth be known, I’d much rather shoot on on overcast day than a sunny day.  Autumn colors just pop, it’s more manageable, less contrasty, ect., ect., ect.  The exception to this rule is during sunset, when I’d prefer to get some color back into the sky.

Well Wade and Jill ordered up just the perfect combination.  It was completely overcast all day long…except for a brief, 5-minute window when the sun peeked under the clouds just before dipping below the horizon.  It was a brief moment of absolute beauty, and we were ready for it.  Here’s a few shots from our engagement session in Nebraska City:

near Nebraska City, Neb.
near Nebraska City, Neb.
Arbor Lodge, Nebraska City, Neb.
Lied Lodge, Nebraska City, Neb.
Lied Lodge, Nebraska City, Neb.

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