Kelly + Ryan: Lost in Paradise

I occasionally find myself in these situations where I wish time could stand still so I could shoot all the photos I want to before the light changes, before dinner beckons, before the reception starts, before the inevitable end of what is a culmination of perfection.

Such was the case last month in Cabo San Lucas. Kelly and Ryan had just finished tying the knot in the most beautiful of settings. The small, intimate gathering on a sandy beach next to the Sea of Cortez was exhilarating.  Kelly was breathtaking in her one-of-a-kind dress designed specifically for the occasion. Ryan was eager to give me all the time I needed to make this collection of photos (and so many more!).  But unfortunately all good things come to an end.  Such was the case as it grew dark and dinner was ready to be served.

Thank you so much Kelly and Ryan for bringing Lane Weddings to Mexico with you guys.  Thank you both for treating my wife and I like guests.  We are truly grateful to have been part of a gorgeous wedding!








*third photo taken by my beautiful wife, Sarah.

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