Miller Time

Former classmate, excellent Omaha World-Herald photographer and all-around swell guy Matt Miller has a new web site.  Check it out:  Matt Miller Photography.

I recently had lunch with Matt and he got on my case about my lapse in blog posts.  Touché.  But he also challenged that he outposted me in 2008.  Not so fast, Matt.  By my count I blew you away, 53-32.  You’ll have to ask him for the unpublished URL of his blog.

While I’m touting other photographers and talking about blog proficiency, I would be remiss not to mention one of my favorite area wedding and portrait photographers.  Not only is Khara Plicanic of Kabloom Studios in Lincoln a fabulous photographer, but she is a freaking blogging machine.  She blogs more images in a month than Matt or I do in a year. I honestly don’t know how she does it between all the shoots, the editing, the teaching she does, and everything else she’s involved in.

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