Monday, April 22, 2002

The sky was looking pretty cool yesterday and I was taking a country drive back to the office from a town about a half hour away. I stopped and took a quick photo of this tree that seemed to really compliment the sky.

Yesterday in my journal I mentioned climbing trees. Here is a poem I wrote several years ago:

Aborescent Fortress

Beneath the heavens,

Yet above the earth,

Lies a tranquil purgatory

Within the sturdy branches

Of a giant shade tree.

Engulfed by the aborescent fortress

And surrounded by living walls,

I become temporarily removed

From the bitter, frightening truths

Of the ground’s distant reality.

The coolness that is radiated

From off the lush green leaves

Which are seen in all directions,

Provides a thick barrier

From the hot and humid summer day.

Above, a canopy of foliage,

Rustling in the mellow breeze,

Protects my delicate skin

From the blistering fireball

A close 94 million miles away.

A tiny bug emerges

From the deep, dark valleys

Of the rugged blistered bark

Only to mysteriously hide again,

Disappearing from human eye.

As I suck in the oxygen-rich air,

A chill rushes up my spine

Leaving my hair standing

On a foundation of goose-bumps,

Reaching for the sky.

Laying on a mattressless, wooden bed

Of branches and twigs and leaves,

I am provided with a comfort

Not given by any Sealy-Posterpedic

Or down-filled pillow.

This rush is almost unreal.

Such a sensation

Of being a billion years away from the world

Only twenty feet below

Thanks for reading!


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