Monday, April 7, 2008

Actually Saturday was crazy Nebraska windy, which is apparent in this photo. As a result we didn’t spend much time photographing outdoors Saturday but we did alright indoors.

Congrats to Steve, who I’ve been shoulder-to-shoulder with at many news events. And congrats to his new wife Sara. The two had a beautiful ceremony at the Evangelical Free Church in Grand Island.

I set up a remote camera in the church balcony area to shoot overviews from above while I was shooting from the floor. When I was editing the take I thought the time-lapse factor of the remote cam footage was kind of interesting. So I decided to throw together a quick multimedia show. Steve works for a Fox affiliate and for some reason the King of the Hill theme song kept ringing in my head while putting it together.


White Wedding – King of the Hill from Lane Hickenbottom on Vimeo.

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