(for today anyway)


By tomorrow it might be back to the old #.


So more than a year ago I go to Alltel to have them change my # to an Omaha number anticipating moving here.  A few months ago I realized they gave me a Lincoln #.  The result: anytime somebody tries to contact me from an Omaha land line they get a message that says “The number you tried to call is not in service.”

Oh how I wish they would have gotten it right or at least have a message that says, “To dial this number, you must first dial a 1-402.”


Fast Forward to today:

I try calling alltel to see if I could get a new number and have my old number forwarded to the new number.


Great.  They give me 402-890-5375.

Me: So now when somebody calls the old number, they’ll be forwarded to the new #?

Alltel: No, we can’t do that.

Me: You just said that I could.

Alltel: Yes, sir.

Me: And now you are telling me you can’t.

Alltel: Yeah, we don’t forward old numbers.

Me: Can I speak to your manager.

At this point all I’m trying to do is get my old number back and they cannot facilitate that.  Thousands of ad dollars point to 402-314-1839.  Now when you call that number you get “not in service.”

Hopefully I’ll get this fixed.  Maybe I’ll just switch to ATT and get an iPhone.

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