Saturday, January 20, 2007


Sarah isn’t the only one throwing around a little extra weight in the tummy region. Here is the 2006 version of the Christmas cards we sent out.

The message on the reverse side read:

“Here’s hoping your bellies are filled with holiday goodies.

Merry Christmas from Sarah, Lane and baby Hickenbottom!”


On a somewhat related note, Lincoln Journal Star photojournalist William Lauer responded to one of my latest blog posts by saying the following:

“It always amazes me how such slender people like Sarah can expand to accommodate another person. Paradoxically, it does not amaze me how slender people like you can expand to accommodate beer.”

Well thanks a lot, William!

Incidentally, William recently reworked his web site and is now sporting a nifty photo journal, himself. I encourage everybody to take a look at it by going to


I especially enjoy his Jan. 4 entry of the recent ice storm.

Thanks for reading!


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