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Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico

So here is a chain non-related pieces of information. This past week was spring break for Grand Island Public Schools.

Last year during spring break Sarah and I road-tripped to Sante Fe, New Mexico. During that trip, I made this photo and subsequently uploaded it to my blogging software–but never published it.

Until today.

Happy belated birthday to Lynnett Kastens.

You know–before today–if you Google “Lynnett Kastens” (with the quotes) you don’t get anything.

Those days are now over.

Lynnett Kastens

Lynnett Kastens

Right now I’m sitting with Lynnett Kastens and Matt Miller drinking a couple beers at the Lincoln Airport Holiday Inn Express. Good times.

If you Google “Matt Miller” (with the quotes) you get a lot of results–more than 200,000 of them. Very few of those results have anything to do with the 4-time Nebraska Photojournalist of the Year. The same Matt Miller with 86 friends on MySpace.com.

So folks have been wanting to know why I haven’t been good about updating with more photos of Owen. Well, I’ve been busy and haven’t shot any photos lately. I have a couple days off coming up. I plan on making and posting a photo of him smiling.

It’s important to have goals.

So back to Matt and his 86 friends on MySpace.com. I’m one of those friends. Yup, MySpace is officially uncool anymore–I’ve joined. I’m blaming Matt. He wanted to know if I knew a certain person from our respective pasts who wanted to be his friend.

So now I’m one of those crazy collectors of friends. You can find me at http://www.myspace.com/lane_h

Sarah made fun of Lynnett Kastens for being a MySpacer a few days ago. Since then, Lynnett left the Space. You won’t find her there, but you WILL find her on Google.


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