Saturday, November 3, 2007


So pretty much every Saturday for the past couple months I’ve been shooting either weddings or Nebraska football games.

Lets just say the weddings have been much more joyous.

This Nebraska team is bad. I mean rotten tomatoes bad. I mean you can count on the Big XII player of the week being a member of the opposing team pretty much every week bad. I mean having the #117 worst defense out of 117 teams in Division 1A bad. I mean going 7 consecutive quarters without a touchdown bad earlier this year. I mean letting Kansas score touchdowns on 10 straight possessions today bad. I mean not going to a bowl game bad. I mean allowing the other team 600 yards of offense most weeks bad. I mean allowing a single player to rack up 200 yards rushing in a single quarter bad.

Make no mistake, this team is bad.

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