Sunday, July 21, 2002

I have a personal shooting philosophy that whenever I’m covering something that can be riden, I ride.

If I’m shooting people at an amusement park, I try to get myself and my camera onto the roller coaster. If I’m shooting people at a climbing wall, I strap the camera on tight and I climb.

And when I’m shooting somebody who has built an Acro Sport II biplane capable of doing all kinds of crazy stunts, you bet your ass I’m going to ride.

Here’s a shot out to Kurt Muhle who took me up in his experimental plane that he built while I was shooting a Journal Star story on him and his brothers and father.

It was a great experience, like a roller coaster without the bumpiness or the jerking around.


I’m heading out for vacation. I’ve been pretty swamped with things so I haven’t been very good about updating this journal. My hopes are when I get back, I’ll get on a better schedule about updating it.


Thanks for reading!


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