Tami + Seth

I’m so far behind in blogging, that I thought I already posted this.

Tami and Seth are a crazy couple who scheduled an outdoor wedding in the middle of August in Nebraska.  If I hadn’t had so much fun with them during their engagment session, I would have dreaded the wedding.  But as it turned out, the weather spectacular while hovering in the upper 70s.

Truth be known, I actually really looked forward to their wedding.  Tami booked me waaaaaay in advance and I had looked forward to their cool venues for about a year-and-a-half.  The wedding was at the ampitheater at Yanni Park in Kearney.  After a trolly ride around town, we ended up at the Archway Museam that spans accross I-80.

Tami and Seth literally treated me like family.  Tami had a flower ready for my lapel and the two included me in their program.  That’s love, folks!

Thanks guys for including me in your wedding!

Thanks for reading!


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