The Confidentials

So I’ve come to realize that quite a few people planning their weddings are looking at my blog.  If any of you fall into that group and are wanting to class up your wedding reception by leaps and bounds, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you a sweet band: The Confidentials. If you aren’t planning a wedding, I see from their website that you can catch them during several public performances in Lincoln and Omaha.

I shot this photograph during Stephanie and Ben’s wedding reception at 1316 Jones Street in Omaha.  These guys rock everything from Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” to Outkast’s “Hey Ya!”.  They put on the best reception show I’ve seen since my buddy Ryan Soderlin and Barbara Nordby’s Chicago wedding in 2005–and I’ve been to a lot of weddings since then.**

The Confidentials are: Stan Spurgeon, vocals; Steve Spurgeon, vocals; Jim Fleming, guitar; Leon Adams, keyboards; Jerry DeVore, bass; Bill Nanson, drums; Michael Pujado, percussion; Davey Polson, saxophone; Bill Kearney, trombone and Barry Hitt, trumpet.  Check ’em out.

**to be fair to The Confidentials, in 2005 I was the best man and was drinking and dancing heavily.  At Stephanie and Ben’s wedding I was working.  Music sounds different under those conditions.

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