Thursday, January 24, 2008


I’m extremely pleased to announce the addition of Alyssa Schukar to Lane Weddings.

Alyssa is a fantastic photojournalist who has a similar approach to myself when shooting weddings. I cannot say enough about her photography.  Alyssa has a whimsical nature about her that allows her to capture the special quirkiness of situations.  Her compositions are beautiful, inspired and full of energy.  She is just one of those people who gets it when it comes to the technical aspects of the art-form. She knows her craft well, and I’m especially excited to have her on board.

Within the next few days I’ll have some of her wedding photography folded into the Lane Weddings site.  In the mean time I encourage you to check out the new “about us” tab at Also check out Alyssa’s photojournalism web site and her blog.

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