Doggone caption contest.


Click HERE to email me your captions. I’ll post them if I get much of a response.

“Quick… pull my finger!”

-Travis Heying

“You pee like this.”

-William Lauer

“Yes, I am larger than Matt Miller,”

-Jeff Bundy

“This isn’t doggie style”

-Jeff Bundy

“Son of a B@!*h”

-David McGee

“I know, I know, Cough!!”

-Kerry Liles

“Turn your head and cough …. just who does she think she is kidding.”

-Patty Brennan

“I’ve never been so humiliated !”

-Patty Brennan

“‘Let’s go to the park, Barkly.’ My ASS!”

-Tony Toth

“Roofus gets a little help with the dreaded fire-hydrant cramp.”

-Tony Toth

“He’s lean, mean, and not too far inbetween (if you know what I mean).”

-Matt Miller

“Bark like a dog for me.”

-Matt Miller

“Shake for me girl. I wanna be you back door man.”

-Matt Miller

“Assistance for the Urination inclined. Just lift and relax. Lift and relax.”

-Matt Boshart

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