Tuesday, June11, 2002

I’m slipping on how often I update this.

Last night I went chasing after the partial solar eclipse that was going to be seen during the final hours of the day. I was excited about it because it isn’t often that there is an eclipse that occurs here during sunset. Sunset is the only time of day you can really photograph the sun and another object.

But because of an all-day overcast and storms brewing throughout the evening, I relied on the good folks at the National Weather Service to guide me through the storms to a clear western horizon. Eventually I found myself near Bladen, Nebraska, just north of Red Cloud.

To people who read this journal, this photo will look really similar to the sun setting over Eagle that I shot a couple months ago. I was looking for a windmill or maybe a rural church. But I couldn’t find either so this small town worked.

On the exact opposite side of the sky that I was shooting the sun setting, was the storm that I had just driven through.

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