I feel SICK

Images I lost
Images I lost

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I feel SICK.

The other day when I turned on my computer, it wouldn’t boot up. I’ve

tried everything. I’ve even talked to the manufacterer. All indications

point to a hard drive failure. If I send it it to get fixed,

I’ll lose all my data. All of it. What

does that mean? It means that I would lose EVERY

photo I took within the past year. All those photos on the left, yup,

I would lose all of them. For every photo on my web journal, there are

several that are not. Every photo I ever took of Sarah, gone.

Every photo I took in camp, gone.

Every photo I made of family members while living on the farm, gone.

All that would be left is the little low-res version that remains on

my web host’s server, which I have copied back onto a different computer.

Then there is my contact

list. Gone. If you haven’t emailed

me in the last 4 days, assume I don’t

have your email address. Old emails that were sacred to me.


My portfolio….gone.

There are companies that

specialize in disk recovery and have an amazing success rate. Utilizing

those services will cost me in excess of $500 that I don’t have. Being

a professional grandson and a summer camp counselor has been a great

opportunity, one that has filled me with a wealth of new insite. It

hasn’t been very lucrative.

So I’m

stuck. I have a computer that doesn’t do anything. I don’t

dare get it fixed because I’ll lose all that important information.

I cant afford to regain the information.


I’m sick.

Thanks for reading!


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