Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I can see why photographers in NYC liked the World Trade Center so much.

I’ve been working for the Lincoln Journal Star for almost three years now and already I could publish a book of photos featuring the state capitol building. Yesterday’s journal is a prime example.

To the people in Nebraska, the capitol building is as iconic as the Empire State Building is to New York, the Sears Tower is to Chicago and the space neadle is to Seattle.

I took both of these photos of “the penis of the plains” within the last week. The first one, I was driving to the office from my last assignment of the day. The photos were dismal and I knew the editors wanted something for page one. A little bummed about what I came up with, I noticed the moon was no more than a sliver. My thoughts at the time were simply, “that is pretty.” But when I started to approach the capitol, an idea popped into my head. The rest is history.

The second photo was taken yesterday. While on my way home, which is only about 5 blocks from the capitol, I saw a ceremony going on in which a huge flag was raised by the ladders of two fire engines. Unfortunatley, the short amount of time that it took to park and get into position was the short amount of time that it took for the last seconds of sunlight to go behind the horizon. It really is too bad, because the flag looked like fire when I first saw it.

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