Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Sky View Farm, Arnold, Nebraska
Sky View Farm, Arnold, Nebraska

I’ve been going through a pretty introspective time lately. My shortage of words is by no means an indication that I have a shortage of thoughts.

Spending time on the farm has been a profound existence. There is so much open space and so much time to think. And so much family.

I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of extended family. I have reaffirmed that I want to eventually start my own family. I’m not yet ready to slow down and move in that direction. But someday I want to take my grandson or granddaughter fishing. I would love to give them their first cameras.

It has been really neat getting to know my grandparents better. All three of my existing grandparents are good, decent people who are fun to be around.

You know, I think I also like small town living. I like it that the bartender pours me a Canadian Club and Coke before I can ask for one. I like it that as you drive through town you wave to everybody you see. The people in small towns are real, take-it-or-leave-it kind of people. They don’t have to dress to impress or pretend to be somebody who they are not. You find a lot of hard-working, down-to-earth people in a small town.

No, Arnold is not the small town for me. I want to live by the ocean. I like the openness of a Nebraska pasture. I think that same feeling combined with the shrill power of the ocean cradle my need to be inspired.

I do like the big city, too. I like the lights, the pace and the available activities. Sometimes the anonymity enjoyed while walking a sidewalk with thousands of others creates a comfort of independence. A big city has art and major transportation hubs. But people in the city spend too much time trying to be noticed. Fake body parts and crazy fashions are hallmark of big-city living.

So I want my small town on the ocean to have fairly easy access to a city, where the air is fresh and my family can play on the beach.

You should visit.

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