Wednesday, November 1, 2006


This is post is for Matt LaHann and everybody else who has been asking to see photos of my new home. The first picture was taken while we were under contract in May. The second photo was taken this morning.

Obviously, it’s gotten a bit of a face-lift. We’ve painted the exterior and added shutters. Inside, the living room received a make-over, the soon-to-be nursery has had a lot of cosmetic work done to it including peeling away two layers of (very) old wallpaper, new paint, etc. We have done some minor remodeling to the kitchen. Sarah’s dad, Frank, is helping us remodel the back two rooms into one family room. For that room, we are taking out a wall, taking out a drop ceiling and the former light fixtures. We are replacing the panel walls and ceiling with sheet rock and replacing the carpet.

There are several other rooms that will get new paint. We are planning on getting a new water softener and a new garage door. After all that is complete, we would like to start landscaping.

Fun fun fun.

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