Wednesday, September 11, 2002

No radio.

No television.

No newspapers.

That’s how my buddy Ryan Stephens and I spent 9/11.

Away from the world, camping in Indian Cave State Park, Ryan and I discussed this crazy new and unsecure world we live in.

Here is a shot out to Ryan, who spent 6 months aboard the U.S.S. Roosevelt without going to port after Sept. 11. That is a big chunk of time without seeing land, my friends.

Here is a shot out to all those who died on September 11 and to all those who have died as a direct or indirect result since. Here is to all the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who have lost family members. Here is to all the sons and daughters who have lost parents either in NYC, Pennsylvania or Washington DC. Here are to the sons and daughters to all those who lost their lives in Afghanistan and other parts of this unsecure world as the United States seeks collateral damage.

A shot goes out to all those who promote peace, those who are ambassadors of love, fighting battles with smiles instead of missiles.

A shot goes out to the forefathers of this country, a country that was created on principles that are sound and good. They must be shedding a tear right now knowing that we are considering invading a sovereign nation. Thos forefathers know what can happen when an empire invades a determined people on its home front.

God help us all.

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