Winter vistas.

I’m not a huge fan of winter.  I usually think the time between the first of January until the middle of April is my least favorite.  You don’t get to spend much time outdoors, the days are short and everything is so washed out and ugly.

But I have a warm place in my heart for winter days like today.  I love the muffled sound of the outdoors on a snowy day.  Oh and it is sooooo, sooooo beautiful.  I love when the sky is filled with humongous snowflakes, and the ground is shrowded by a delicate blanket of white powder.  It is truley lovely!

And something about a fresh snowfall makes the cold seem okay.

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2 thoughts on “Winter vistas.”

  1. WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is so beautiful!!!ahhhhhhh!!!i <3…winter is one of my fav seasons…it is so whitey,colder,snowy and it just looooooooooksssssss perfect caise i really2 love WHITE!!!a natural colour of my the winter!!!:)

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