13 tips to dominate wedding shows like a boss.

Do dress comfortably.

Most wedding shows (including the Bridal FairĀ® Sunday at the CHI Health Center Omaha) are in convention centers with hard cement floors. Wear comfy shoes and layers. You never know if it crowds of people will make it hot or if open freight doors will make the space cold.

Do Enter Giveaways.

There will be several and the odds of winning something are a lot greater than a lot of other drawings where you are going against thousands or millions of competitors. Why not go for it? We’ll be giving away a couple free engagement sessions ($400 value) at this show.

Do Create labels beforehand.

Instead of filling out the same information over and over again (your name, fiancee’s name, phone number, address, email, wedding date) you can print out a sheet of address labels and enter contests like a PRO!

do write legibly and give accurate information.

If I can’t read your email address and you didn’t leave your phone number, how are you going to know you won my free engagement session? It’s a shame but I’ll just have to draw the next card.

do Create a burner email account.

What’s the catch with all these free give-aways? Wedding vendors are looking to get your information so they can market to you. Prepare to get your email inbox inundated with messages and offers. Some of those messages are welcomed by most couples, but savvy brides and grooms will create a new account dedicated to their wedding and then dump it after their wedding. Pro tip — don’t use this email for most of the vendors you book…especially not the ones like photographers who you are anticipating hearing from AFTER your wedding!

Do bring a bff.

Or a mom or a sibling. A 1-or-2-person support team can help provide another set eyes & ears. Perhaps a bridesmaid can fill out an entry sheet while you talk to the DJ.

Don’t Divide and Conquer.

Work as a team and visit booths together. Unless your companion can make financial decisions for you without your consent (who does that?) then you should both travel the floor together.

don’t bring children.

I get it. I’m a parent myself and know you might not have a choice. But it isn’t a very fun event for children…and you owe it to yourself to be able to focus on the task at hand.

do Get appointments…

…not contracts–at least for the big things. Wedding shows are a great opportunity to take a quick impression on a particular wedding business; but they are challenging events for having a substantive conversation. A great strategy is to go to a show and decide who you’d like to meet in the coming week and set up that meeting. Don’t make hasty decisions.

but Don’t wait too long.

I know, I just advised against making hasty decisions. But if you are getting married on a Saturday this coming fall, you should know there are a lot of other brides looking at that same date & this is the time of year they are booking. If you find a vendor you like, don’t dilly-dally too long or you might loose your opportunity.

do use the fashion show as a time for Deeper conversations.

So let’s say you do find somebody you want to have a more in-depth conversation with at the show: know that the convention room floor will largely clear out during the fashion show. If you don’t mind passing on the show it’s a good opportunity to avoid crowds and have that deeper chat.

do take notes.

Every wedding show is different, but all the good ones have one thing in common: they are overwhelming and they are a good source of generating ideas. What was that thing you thought of during the 57th conversation you had with that one guy from that one company? I can’t remember either.

do ask for referrals.

Looking for somebody to do invitations but don’t know who? When you are done chatting with a photographer, florist, caterer or anybody else, feel free to ask their opinion! (pssssst….I’d use Dana Osborne Design).

Any other tips or questions? Leave a comment below or contact me!

Thanks for reading!


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