Aubree + Jerad: Winter? What Winter?

I might blame my lack of blogging on the long, monochromatic winter we had.  I might blame it on the three websites I built the past few months from the ground up (each of which have been neglected by their respective owners, too).  I might blame it on the new company I’m starting to build (more on that later).  Regardless of why I dropped this blog like a bad habit, it’s high time I pick it back up.

What better way than by sharing one of the photographic highlights of the winter: Aubree and Jerad’s engagement session.  Aubree had the great idea of trying to pick a beautiful winter day for our session.  With as much snow as we had this year, you would think those days would be in abundance.  But as luck turns out, we picked an amazing day where the frost clung to the trees like a nursing baby to her mother.  Even so, it was nice enough that we shot most of the session without wearing jackets.

In a strange story of  coincidences, we were making some photos at a golf course near Aubree’s childhood home in Valley when Jerad noticed a couple dogs running on the other side of the course that looked like his own.  He kind of discounted it at first because they were a couple miles from their home, but a phone call to his parents revealed that sure enough: his dogs were missing.  How random is that?  That we could be a couple miles away from where his dogs ran off from and see them.

That particular story didn’t make very good photos, but the engagement session did!  I’m looking forward to the couple’s wedding, but unfortunately I’ll have to sit tight until 2011.  I think I’ll find something to keep me busy until then.




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