Midwest, sucka!

Just wrapped up a three-day shoot at Nebraska Wesleyan University, photographing their fall team posters.  Much thanks to Kyle Bruggeman and Vanessa Skocz who both did a marvelous job assisting me.

I’d like to give NWU a chance to publish and distribute the posters before I reveal them here, but I can tell you this year we are creating stoic, tough athlete poses.  When I think of tough, I think of Vanessa.  I’m confident that when you see this photo of her flashing “MidWest” gang signs, you’ll be forced to agree.

Vanessa Skocz, booooooyyyyyeeeee!!!!
Vanessa Skocz, booooooyyyyyeeeee!!!!

Last year’s poster theme was based on celebration and camaraderie.  It was a lot of fun to try to create real-looking moments.  Here’s a sampling from the 2009-2010 series:NWU-Mens-Soccer0107_web





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