Best of 2008, rockin’ fathers.

This is part two of the people, places and moments that inspired me during last year’s weddings.

It really is kind of special to get to be part of such an important day in the lives of so many wonderful families.  Weddings can be emotional days for parents.  I’ve seen some pretty stoic fathers in tears when they give up their daughters to be wed.

I decided to include a “rockin’ fathers” category based solely on the spirited time these two gentlemen had on during their respective child’s wedding days.

Runner Up: Mr. Douglas

This father of the groom came to the reception ready to have a good time.  After cheering on an Elvis-impersinating d.j. (top-left), Mr. Douglas put on his dancing shoes and became the life of the party.  It didn’t matter if he was dancing with children, with the beautiful bride, Erica, “doin’ the train”, or dancing with himself–he always portreyed the image of letting lose and having good, clean fun.


Grand Champion Rockin’ Father: Mr. LindFrom the onset of the day as the bride, Diann, was getting dressed and ready for her wedding, it was clear that she had a very close relationship with her father.  For the remainder of the day, Mr. Lind came accross as the strong, quiet type–that was until late in the reception when the d.j. decided to play a little game where he set up the groom with his father and father-in-law with inflatable guitars and prompted them to play air-guitar like they were in a rock band together.

There was no question who was playing lead in that band; from the onset Mr. Lind morphed in to a hard-core, heavy metal air-guitar GOD.  The guy went nuts to the delight of everybody at the reception.  You’d have to go to a Van Halen concert, circa 1984 to get that kind of guitar show.  The guy was an instant rock star.

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