Best of 2009: Wedding Fashion

I intended to start this look back at 2009 a little sooner, but cold weather makes everything move slower.  Or at least that’s the excuse I intend to use.

Oh-nine will prove to be a benchmark for my wedding clients; a year their family grew; the last year of a decade with no name.

Over Christmas I was looking at a collection of wedding portraits hung in the home of my wife’s grandmother.  It was entertaining to check out the changes in hair and formal-wear styles over the years. It makes me wonder when mullets will make their way back en vogue (there were plenty among Sarah’s cousins!)

I’m going to open my “Best of 2009” series by paying homage to some of my clients who gave the finger to “typical” and embraced individualism.

I’m going to start with my dear friend, Dave.  When I met Dave “dbo” Baker back our freshman year of college at UNL, he had the shape of a hand dyed blue into his bleached hair.  Since then, Dave has gone through countless styles, countless hair colors and countless looks.  But one thing has remained a constant: Dave’s wonderful individualism. I was relieved to see some of that shine through in his wedding attire this October at the Bellevue Berry Farm.


Dave wasn’t the only groom this wedding season sytling some fashionable footwear.  I love these kicks Bryce wore to his Kearney wedding at last June at the Cottonmill:


While I’m on this shoe kick, I love Jen’s red shoes:

But the crimson in Jen’s attire wasn’t limited to her high heels.  Jen’s eccentric personality shone bright on her wedding day as she donned this stunning red gown, getting my nod as the Lane Weddings fashionista of 2009:



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