Best of 2009: best wedding side-tracks

On today’s look back at 2009, we are looking at the places where wedding parties instruct their limo drivers to go between the ceremony and the reception.

The year didn’t disappoint, with excellent stops at various parks, bars and other various locations.  I already blogged about one of my favorite excursions of the year, when after stopping for some fun photos on a cobblestone section of the Old Lincoln Highway, Christine and Tracy set the course for the very table in the very bar where they met: LiT.  It was a nice moment that made for nice photos.  Here’s a link to the past blog entry.

Another memorable stop is when Laura and Aaron had their party bus stop so they could re-enact a late-night mishap where the groom had gotten jumped a few months prior.  It’s really one of those moments when you had to be there to appreciate the comedy of it being played out again.

But my favorite wedding day excursion came when Kaycee and Steve returned to the place they met: HyVee.  There is just something fun about the juxtaposition between tuxedos, wedding dresses and the florescent lights and commercial clutter of a grocery store.  Their presence was announced over the P.A. system and they were congratulated by countless grocery shoppers.



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