Best of 2009: Wedding Locations

For most of my clients, I’m the third or fourth item they cross off their wedding planning list.  Usually couples come talk to me right after picking their venues.  Truth be known, the location of the event is one of the more significant factors in the end result of clients’ wedding photography.

With this post, I feel like I’m actually snubbing some incredible weddings at some amazing locations. That said, here are my favs from 2009:

Nebraska State Capitol Building
My dear friends Scott and Jess put me in an amazing position to create awesome photos with their wedding in Lincoln. If there is another building in Nebraska with more nifty nooks and crannies for couples portraits, I don’t know what it is.  Every angle there is interesting and there are so many variations in architecture within the structure.  Scott and Jess, if you ever want to rent a tux and put your dress back on, I’ll happily spend another afternoon making photos!



St. Johns on the Creighton University campus
The building is just freaking amazing outside and in.  But I think my favorite feature is the green space behind the building that is private(ish), big and perfect for dress reveals and portraits.  Here’s some shots from Laura and Andrew’s wedding that features the building:



My inlaws front yard
Now the prior two locations are pretty sweet, but they also hold weddings there with a certain amount of frequency, whereas a certain farmhouse near St. Mary, Nebraska was the location of a one-of-a kind wedding reception.  Laura and Aaron had a lot of doubters among their friends and family about having their October 10 wedding reception in a tent pitched in the front yard of Laura’s childhood home when the forecast called for snow and highs in the 20s.  It might have been cold outside, but things were really heating up inside the tent for what was an amazing! wedding reception. This event more than any other of the year was the one where all night long people complimented how perfect it was.  Here’s a shot from each inside and outside of the tent:


Laura's father, Frank, saved some fireworks from the annual Fourth Of July bash held at the same site.  Nice touch!
Laura's father, Frank, saved some fireworks from the annual Fourth Of July bash held at the same site. Nice touch!

Estes Park
And though the three above locations were spectacular, I’d shoot a wedding in Estes Park and time, any day.  And even though rainy weather moved us indoors for Dana and Lance’s wedding at the YMCA of the Rockies, it was still a WONDERFUL destination for a wedding.  This years best location for a wedding:

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colo.
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colo.

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