Bridget + Todd: Go Big Wed (ver. 2.0)

A strange thing happened during a recent wedding.  I met up with the wedding party at Memorial Stadium to take some photos like this of the wedding party:


and this of the newly wed couple:


Somebody got the idea to do a photo where everybody was lined up in a football line-of-scrimmage formation.  Hey, if somebody wants to do something for a photo I’ll do it.  Here it is:


That’s when things got a little weird.  Another bus pulls up.  Another wedding party hops out.  They had two photographers (Todd & Bridget got along just fine having only one photographer, thank you!).  And were all in black.  Before you know it both “teams” were huddled up, plotting against each other.


I love that somebody actually brought a ball.  Both parties were serious fans.  But which wedding is deserving of the title ULTIMATE HUSKER FANS?:


Both teams lined up:


After a serious rumble in which the white team clearly kicked the black team’s booty, there was a tremendous showing of sportsmanship.  You gotta love it!


“WTF?” asks Bridget.  “Did they actually think they could out Husker fan me?”


“Take that bitches!”


And is your bride wearing red shorts that reads “Huskers” on the butt?  No!  I didn’t think so!


So take that!


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