Engaged: Laurie and Bryce

While in Grand Island this weekend I met up with Laurie and Bryce to shoot their engagement session.  I loved being back in my old favorite shooting grounds!  I thrive on variety and enjoy the challenges of new places, but there is something to be said about totally mastering a location.  I may be the only photographer in the world who repeatedly shoots in the Eddy Street underpass, but I LOVE IT!!!  Sure, it’s deafeningly loud, filled with broken glass, and sometimes smells of urine.  But the light, color and texture down there is amazing!  Like I told Laurie and Bryce, it’s not the type of place you would want to spend an afternoon–the the photos are SWEET!

Then we went to Mormon Island State Park…another fav of mine.

And my subjects?  I was able to work effortlessly with Laurie and Bryce.  Thanks for such a great time!  I’m looking forward to the Cottonmill in June!




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