Maggie and Josh’s wedding

It’s feels nice to end this long segment of blog silence with images from Maggie and Josh’s wedding in Grand Island, Neb.

I couldn’t get over how relaxed the two of them were going into their wedding day.  Additionally both Maggie and Josh were exceptionally  giving to Heidi* and I.  It really made the day run smooth.  I love how the two seemed more concerned with enjoying the moment than stressed about the pomp and circumstance of their wedding–and that’s not to say it wasn’t a nice wedding, because it was absolutely delightful!  The ceremony was at Calvary Lutheran Church and the reception was held at the Liederkranz in Grand Island.


*The very talented Heidi Hoffman joined me in photographing Josh and Maggie’s wedding.  You can see more of Heidi’s photography here.

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4 thoughts on “Maggie and Josh’s wedding”

  1. How beautiful and happy they are!! Thank you Lane and thank you Heidi! Lane they absolutely were so relaxed with you! I think all of us were. What a beautiful day and couple they were/are! You better look us up next time you are in GI or the next time you are in Lincoln! We won’t be at the Calgary (Calvary) Lutheran so we can have a couple drinks!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Lane, What a fabulous time we had with you!! Josh and Maggie thoroughly enjoyed their magical day and with you and Heidi capturing every moment of it we can’t wait to see the results!! You know, I could have sneaked you a little beer behind the church if ya’ needed one!! Heidi had a great time in the limo with us…I can just imagine some of the shots she got!! Looking forward to seeing the proofs. Thanks for a great day!

  3. Thanks ladies! I had a blast too! I could only wish every bride and groom I encountered were so great to work with!

    Nice meeting you both!

  4. Oh hehe Lane…you only caught me on my good days. Just kidding!! I am getting so anxious to see the pictures…i CAN’T wait!! I know they are going to get here when Josh is out of town and he already told me that i can’t look until he is home (what he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him though)

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