Free Christmas Card micro-session this Sunday night!

Lane Weddings has had a fantastic year, and I’d like to pay it forward! Come join us for a super-quick, FREE downtown Christmas Card micro-session Sunday evening.

Fun little Christmas card shoots for couples. Each couple will just take a minute or two and I’ll send you a file later that night.

Any engaged couple, whether you are my client or not. Also any of my past couples who have already tied the knot.

Sunday, December 23 starting about 5:25 pm and going for about a half hour or less.

Gene Leahy Mall, just down from the big arch at 11th and Farnam streets.

Because we’ve had a great year and I’d like to pay it forward. You’ll get the image later that night so you’ll be able to send off an e-card to friends and family. Spread holiday cheer! Also this is the last year of the Gene Leahy Mall as we know it. Let’s send it out in style!

Nothing! Pay it forward. Please register below to make it easier to send your images.

What’s the catch?
No catch! No sales pitch. No purchase necessary. No up-sale offer to be made. I won’t be selling these prints. Just giving you a file and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Can I bring kids/pets?
My wreath setup will accommodate two adults and two kids. If you have more kids…well…sorry it just doesn’t work very well. I’ve tried with my three boys. Please no pets this go-round.

What should we bring?
Just yourselves! I did this in the past and some people brought Santa hats. That was fun.

What should we do when we arrive?
If you see me photographing another couple, just come on up. We’ll move quickly. Not a super intimate session but quick and efficient. We’ll all be friends. I’ll be the photographer with the Santa hat and might have a young helper also in a Santa hat.


Christmas Card Shoot

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