Friday, June 28, 2002

I was assigned to make a photo at Holmes Lake yesterday, a small lake within the city of Lincoln.

The photo I made is in many ways just a simple photo. Not much more to it than point and click.

But making photos like this is really one of my very favorite things in the world. The fleeting, directional light; the colors in the sky reflecting off the water; the stillness in the air. Everything seems to sit still, still and serene. A combination feeling of peace and excitement comes over me during this quiet moment. The only thing breaking the silence is the slap of the mirror in my camera as I make the photo.

The photo I made is in many ways just a simple photo. It’s pretty, yes. But it won’t change the world.

When I’m browsing somebody else’s work, this photo probably wouldn’t make me pause for very long. But when I’m scrolling through my own work I will take pause on this frame. It will bring me back to that beautiful moment of tranquility on a Thursday evening.

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