Saturday, June 29, 2002

This shot-out is way overdue.

Gerik Parmele, who’s celebrating birthday number 30 this weekend, is setting the standard for photojournalism in this state. He’s getting a big ol’ shot-out from me for three reasons:

1. Gerik is shooting better than he ever has, and better than anybody else in the state. This last year the Grand Island Independent photographer won photographer of the year honors by the Nebraska News Photographers Association. He single handedly received more awards from that competition than the 6-man staff at the Lincoln Journal Star. Click here to see the G.I. Independent story.

2. His website is the biggity-bizzomb! Not only can you catch his award winning photos on there, but his journal, [unbidden], has been a major inspiration for many people, certainly including myself. Frequently updated, readers of [unbidden] can keep up on Gerik’s keen eye for detail. Gerik is also notorious for posting links to various other websites of interest to photojournalists.

3. Gerik is just a genuine good guy. In a career that many feel is overflowing with testosterone-laden egos, Gerik remains one of the friendly, humble good guys of the business.

Thanks, Gerik, for raising the bar for the rest of us.

Thanks for reading!


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