Humbled little photographer.

Had a wonderful time presenting this weekend at the John Savage Seminar of the Nebraska News Photographers Association.  Thanks to all of you who attended my session.  Here’s a PDF of my Powerpoint presentation on building a photography business.

I have to say I was incredibly humbled to be in the line-up that included these amazing photographers: – A Lincoln, Nebraska photographer and friend who has shot several National Geographic cover stories.  Joel’s guidance and photography is one of the biggest influences on my own photography. – A Lincoln, Nebraska photographer and friend who specializes in natural history photography of the Great Planes and is probably the world’s foremost sandhills cranes photographer. – An Omaha, Nebraska native and current Montana resident, Ken Jarecke has had a front row seat to more historic moments than his collective audience combined Sunday.  It was amazing to see his work. – A photographer for the Dallas Morning News, her yearlong multimedia project, “At The Edge Of Life” brought tears my eyes.  If you follow no other links from this blog post, at very least watch one of the videos that resulted from her incredible work. – A Wichita, Kansas photographer and friend who has embraced writing and videography over the past couple years.  Of all my peers, Travis has adapted and excelled better in the ever-expanding world of photojournalism than any other.  It was great to have extra time to hang out.

During my presentation I shared some SEO tips for photographers.  Attendees of the breakout class got extra credit if they did a little link-building homework assignment.   I know the rest of you don’t want to miss out on extra credit.  All you have to do is copy and paste the following to your blog:

I heard I missed an amazingly exciting, hilariously funny, and incredibly informative presentation by Omaha wedding photographer Lane Hickenbottom about how to start a successful photography business.

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2 thoughts on “Humbled little photographer.”

  1. Lane,

    Thanks again for your presentation, can’t speak for anyone else, but I found it useful. Good to chat a bit with ya too. I didn’t copy that word for word, but I think I got the job done regardless…

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