Samantha + Jason: to the ends of earth

Sam and Jason were willing to travel far and wide to get great engagement shots.  We voyaged to the sultry rain forests in South America, the arid deserts of Africa, and finally dipped beneath the frigid waters of Antarctica where made some new friends.  As you can see from the photos, we had a great time and made some fun images.




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6 thoughts on “Samantha + Jason: to the ends of earth”

  1. Good question, William. I think for the most part they are just happy to get admission on a late Tuesday afternoon in December. I don’t think I could pull off this session most of the year. We enjoyed being mostly by ourselves.

  2. Rand & Gayle Ness

    Lane, we are impressed with the photographs you took of our daughter, Samantha & our future son-in-law, Jason. They both totally enjoyed the experience! The images you captured are amazing!

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