Saturday, December 31, 2005


Just got back from the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. The Riverwalk is simply beautiful! 2005 is winding down. Here is a few end-of-the-year items:

-Happy New Year!

-That fireworks photo of mine is now on MSNBC’s Pictures of the Year. (Though it is getting very few votes).

-I turn 30 today!

Matt Miller turns 29 today. Happy birthday to him!

-Sarah and I are going to our 970th wedding of the year today. Congrats to Sarah and I, Ryan and Barb, Nathan and Emily, Zach and Stacy, Brandon and Kelli, Adam and Monaca, Tony and Missy, Derek and Breanna, and finally Shannon and Lori. Here’s a raised glass to all of our first new years as married couples.

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