Sunday, January 8, 2006


Nothing says “This is Nebraska” quite like a windmill standing in the open prairie. Sure enough, you can find windmills all over outside of the state; but only in Nebraska (and appearently Holland) are they so plentiful they have become iconic.

I love making photos of the sky, but the sky alone–without some kind of prop–is just an empty, boring picture. I like to include a windmill when photographing interesting sky phenomena such as an eclipse, meteor shower, northern lights, etc. when shooting in this state. The windmill gives the photo a sense of place.

It’s here that a constant breeze helps pull water from the plentiful Ogalalla Aquifer, described by some people as an underground, fresh-water ocean, only a short distance under our feet.

Sometimes when taking a road trip through the Sandhills, Sarah and I play a game called Mill-Kill. It’s a lot like seeing a Volkswagen Beatle and yelling “Slug Bug!” as you lovingly punch the person next to you.

Needless to say we were a little black-and-blue after seeing this cluster of windmills at a well-digging business near Merna, Neb.

Can you say Mill Massacre?

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