Sunday, June 1, 2008

I kind of know a few of the couples I’ve shot engagement sessions for lately. But none have been as familiar to me as Scott and Jessica.

Scott, a photographer at the Grand Island Independent, has been a great friend since Sarah and I moved to Grand Island (really since before). I was super jazzed when I learned of their engagement last fall. Then I was deeply honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. If their wedding is anything like their engagement session, it will be a lot of fun (not to mention beautiful).

For a setting we started at the Eddy Street underpass in Grand Island and ended up at Mormon Island State Park. Here’s a few shots from the underpass.

I should really shoot down there more often. There are just some really cool looks you can create down there–if you are willing to brave the discarded 40oz. bottles and the lingering scent of urine. The late afternoon light bouncing off those walls makes for some brilliant opportunities.

Tomorrow I’ll show a couple pics from Mormon Island State Park that are similar to each other and solicit opinions from you, my fine readers. The setting out there is a stark contrast from the underpass.

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